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Redie is a challenging singleplayer 3D top-down shooter. Fight an army of well-trained terrorists and soldiers in action-packed close quarters combat. Prepare to (re)die.

Deadly weapons in Redie

Deadly weapons!

Grenade Physics

Grenade physics.


  • Challenging but (mostly) fair levels and enemies.
  • High framerates and tight controls using a self-made game engine.
  • Physics! Destructible objects, ragdolls and powerful explosions.
  • Over ten different weapons, that can all kill with a single bullet.
  • No reloading! Switching weapons frequently fuels the fast-paced gameplay.
  • Additional, difficult "Mastery" challenge for every level.

Redie is developed by the two computer science students and brothers Darius Rückert and Fabian Rückert who are working on the game since early 2015.
It is the debut project of their newly founded studio Rückert Broductions.

You can find a lot more information about the game on our Website.

Since release of the game we have updated the demo, you can download it now directly from Steam.


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Hello! As one of the beta testers i want to tell you one thing - this game is DOPE!

Everything in it is amazing from movement to animations!

this game might be challenging if you want to complete every level with mystery award like me!

I really like the idea one shot one kill and the developers have all my support in this game! found it through We Are Gamers page in Facebook

I really recommend this game!

9/10 - Felxys